FAQ in English


When does the sports programme start? When does registration for courses begin?

You can find this information on the home page of the University Sports.

Who can attend the sports courses offered by the university?

The university sports programme is open to everyone — providing you

  • are of legal age,
  • meet the athletic requirements of the course,
  • have properly registered using the university’s online portal and
  • have paid.

Pregnant women should enquire in advance which sports are safe for them to take part in.

Participants are classified into different tariff groups for which different fees apply. Students, school pupils and trainees will be required to present proof of status at the respective sports facility. Without proof of status additional payment will be required.

How much do the courses cost?

The price of the course depends on  

  • the form of the course and
  • your tariff group.

The cost of each course is shown and, unless otherwise stated, applies for the entire course. It is possible to register for a course at any time providing there is still a place available on the course. A price reduction for individuals joining a course at a later stage is left entirely to the discretion of the University Sports.

How do I register?

You must register online for each of the courses that you wish to participate in. A maximum of six courses can be booked per person. You are only entitled to your reserved place on the course once payment has been received on time. Registrations should be made via the online portal of the University Sports. If you do not have Internet access, you can also register at the University Sports office or with the sports hall manager. It is possible to register for a course at any time providing there is still a place available on the course.
Here’s how it works:

  • Access the current sports programme, select a course and click on "Buchen" (book).
  • Fill out the registration form and click on "weiter zur Buchung"  (continue to booking). Here you can check again that the information you entered is correct. Then click on "kostenpflichtig buchen" (accept price and book). The data will then be encrypted and sent to us. Please enter your e-mail address so that we can contact you if necessary.
  • After the registration process has been completed, an “Anmeldebestätigung” (registration confirmation) will be displayed, including the bank transfer information and your “Teilnahmeticket” (course participant ticket). Please print out the confirmation (e.g. as proof of payment or for participant entitlement checks).
  • If you are a student, school pupil or trainee, please present a proof of status to the course instructor during attendance checks.
  • Note: If a course is full, add your name to the waiting list in case a place becomes available.

What must I ensure when paying?

Transfer the due amount on time within 3 working days. If no receipt of payment is registered by the University Sports within one week after registration, the booked place on the course will be automatically cancelled. At the same, all persons on the waiting list will be informed by e-mail that a place has become available on the course. To avoid missing this deadline, you can pay the course fee by EC card at the sports office or to the sports hall manager at the Treskowallee Campus. It is essential that the fees for each registration are transferred individually. The booking number and your name must be correctly stated in the payment reference. Without this information, it cannot be guaranteed that your payment will be correctly matched to the course and you may loose your place on the course.

Can I change to another course?

If you want to change courses, please do not register yourself for the new course. A course transfer can only be done by the University Sports office after it has been checked whether there is a place available on the course. To change courses, send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Surname, first name
  • Details of the currently booked course: Name, day, time
  • Details of the course you want to transfer to: Name, day, time

If the course that you wish transfer to costs more, you will be required to pay the difference. If it costs less, the difference will be credited towards the cost of another course in the current or following sports programme. No partial reimbursements will be granted from transfers to another a course.

When is it possible to cancel a course with reimbursement of the course fees?

It is possible to cancel your registration for a course up to a maximum of 7 days after the course begins without giving any reasons. In this case, the course fee minus an administrative fee of 20% will be reimbursed. Alternatively you may be able to change courses. After this 7-day cut-off period has expired, you only have the option of changing to a different sports course, providing there are still free places available.

If a course is cancelled by the University Sports, any already paid course fees (without deduction of an administrative fee) will be

  • reimbursed in full if the course is cancelled before it begins.
  • partly reimbursed if the course is cancelled after it begins.

In all cases please promptly submit a written application for reimbursement of course fees [XLSX]. Reimbursement for courses from a previous semester is not possible.

No consideration can be given to any reimbursement requests beyond this scope.

Cancelled course sessions. Is there any compensation?

If individual course sessions are cancelled and no substitution is possible (e.g. due to illness of an instructor or closure of sports facilities), you can use the fitness rooms on the Treskowallee Campus free of charge for each of the cancelled sessions. Please report to the hall manager. Course fees cannot be partially refunded.

Do courses also take place during the semester breaks?

During the winter semester, the University Sports offers a sports programme which extends into the non-teaching period. During the summer semester, an additional vacation programme is offered during the non-teaching period. An additional registration is required for the vacation programme.

Do courses take place on public holidays?

University sports courses do not take place on public holidays.

What if my abilities do not meet the course level?

To ensure that courses can be carried out in a goal-oriented manner, participants are grouped into different categories of ability (beginner, advanced etc.). However, this process depends on an accurate self-assessment. If a participant incorrectly assesses his or her ability, the course instructor can instigate a course transfer. If a participant is not willing or unable to meet with the course requirements and this is disrupting the performance of the course, the participant can be excluded from the sports course. Reimbursement of the fees will then be subject to an individual case assessment.

Am I insured against accidents?

To ensure that your insurance cover is valid, you must

  • be properly registered for the course with the University Sports and
  • have regularly participated during the allotted course time.
  • Students of universities in Berlin are insured against sports accidents during activities organised by the university sports department according to the rules of Unfallkasse Berlin (social accident insurance institution for the public sector in Berlin). The legal basis for the insurance protection is Book VII of the German Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch VII). You are obliged to fill out an accident report.
  • Employees of universities in Berlin are insured in accordance with the provisions for company sports. You are obliged to fill out an accident report. Civil servants are excluded, as for these individuals an accident within the framework of university sport (Section 31, Para. 1 BeamtVG) does not constitute a work-related accident.
  • All other university sports participants are not included under this insurance cover. Personal accident insurance is therefore recommended.

No liability beyond this scope can be accepted by the University Sports and its employees. We advise all participants of a sports programme to take out a general liability insurance policy to cover any claims made by third parties resulting from injury to persons or damage to property which could arise during the course of the programme.

Am I insured against theft?

In the event of theft or damage to private property occurring within the sports facilities used by the University Sports, both the organiser and the proprietor (e.g. the respective municipal authorities) do not accept any liability.

  • Do not leave valuable items unattended in the sports facilities.
  • Use lockers for the duration of each course session as necessary. If the lockers are not cleared out before the sports hall closes, the University Sports has the right to confiscate the locker contents and will only return them after receiving an administrative fee of 20 euros. If a locker key has been lost, a fine of 40 euros will be charged for fitting a new lock.

What if my sport is not offered?

Take a look at the sports programmes of the other universities in Berlin.